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Alberta Oilfield Jobs But Not Enough Workers

Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada “Oilsands May Need To Double It’s Workforce Over The Next 10 Years”

The Canadian Press post an article on March 30th about the massive worker shortage in Alberta in meeting the demand to fill the vacant positions.  The Oilsands workforce is expected to expand by a monstrous 73% by 2021.

Just Replacing People Retiring and the new positions opening up will mean 14,600 new jobs and about 21,000 vacancies to fill by 2021.Todd Hirsch, senior economist at ATB Financial stated the following:

“Investment in oilsands activity is still going full steam ahead and as a result they’re really into backlogs of people who can work on these projects, and then shared, adding skilled tradespeople like welders, carpenters and electricians are in highest demand.

Hirsch said he was encouraged by some slight changes to Employment Insurance which will make it easier for workers to transfer from one province to another.

“Because Western Canada still needs a lot of labor, and there is a surplus in certain parts of central and eastern Canada. And Alberta, Western Canada, Saskatchewan – we could welcome those workers.”

Bottom Line Alberta is in desperate need of people that are willing to work in the Oil and Gas sector. If you are looking for work and want to earn an above average income then I would strongly urge you to get into one of our Oilfield Safety Courses and get out to Alberta to work. Click on Alberta Oilfield Employment  Solutions