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We Are Excited To Have This Opportunity To Help You Begin Your Career In The Alberta Oilfield! While Other Safety Course Providers Charge People Anywhere From $4,000.00 to $2000.00 For Safety Training So That You Qualify For Oilfield Employment, Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. Only Requires A Tuition Of $995.00 plus Applicable Provincial Tax.


As A Free Bonus, We will refer you to an employment agency that supplies workers to a great number of the Oilfield companies operating in Canada. We make no claims that you will receive employment as a result of you submitting your information to them.

Our Goal Is Simple…. We Want To Provide You With The Courses You Must Have To Work In The Oilfield And As Quickly As Possible Help You Find Employment. The Alberta Oil Industry Offers People An Opportunity To Earn A Substantial Income With Lots Of Room For Advancement.




Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions

New Offer : Effective For All Registering After Nov 19th

For anyone registering after Nov 19th, 2012 our 30/30 Guarantee has been updated – Over the past year we have discovered that of all the folks that complete our Black Gold Program, the people that are serious about working in the Oilfield are out here within 3 months handing out resumes and getting jobs. Therefore we have adjusted our Guarantee to reflect this. Therefore, all those that take our Black Gold program will now have 90 days starting from course graduation to get out to Alberta and begin their 30 Day Job search. With Alberta having an Unemployment rate that is the lowest in Canada finding a job here is the absolute envy of the country.

What We Know About The Alberta Advantage:

We know the Alberta job market is strong and has been described as driving the Canadian economy. We also know from experience that the people that come to Alberta and make it their job to find a job do not stay unemployed very long. We also know that while Oilfield companies prefer to have fully trained and experienced workers they don’t have enough to meet their demand. This is why we are prepared to offer you a flight home if you take our Oilfield Safety Courses, come to Red Deer and spend 30 days handing our Resumes and do not receive a job offer.

See Our Flight Home / Fuel Home Request Form.

Alberta needs workers and in particular the Alberta Oilfield. There are educational programs offering Oilfield Safety that offer far more courses than ours and of course charge more money but the truth is that if you meet the conditions we have listed below together with H2S Alive (endorsed by Enform) and First Aide (either Red Cross or St. Johns Ambulance) with CPR you qualify for an interview and a possible job offer.

We have seen some folks over the past 12 months get offered jobs with Skype Interviews and Phone Call Interviews; however, the chances of landing a job this way is remote. HR people want to see you in person and that means traveling to Alberta to begin passing out Resumes. Imagine You Are A Recruiter and On Your Desk are 50 Resumes and infront of you is someone with their Safety Tickets and Ready To Begin Work Immediately…. Not a tough choice and For All Those Folks That Have Sent Out Resumes But Have Heard Nothing Back You Now Know Why.

Still To Pack Up And Come To Alberta Leaving Your Home Is Scary But You Need Only Check The Local Papers On Line And You Will Quickly See That Unlike Much Of Canada Alberta Has An Abundance Of Work. This is not hype because it is a matter of record and in the unlikely event that the oilfield job market goes away (which by 2021 is expected to need over 20,000 new workers) our company will stop offering our Safety Training program across Canada.


  • Be In Red Deer, Alberta, for 30 Consecutive Days (reside) anytime within 90 Days Of Taking Our Course; attend all arranged interviews; personally distribute your resume 20 employers per day – Mon to Fri each week and keep a Running Record Of The Companies You Submitted Your Resume To. Check In With Ken each week and keep him current on your progress.
  • If You Do Not Receive An Offer Of Employment You Will Be Given An Option To Request A Return Flight or For Those That Came By Car Or Truck a $500.00 Refund On Your Fuel To Go Home By Submitting Your Gas Receipts To Us After Arriving Home.
  • Refund Is Limited To Your Course Tuition, Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. Does Not Cover Travel, Food Or Lodging Expenses.
  • Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. Does Not Guarantee Continued Employment As Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Agents / Representatives Have No Control Over An Individual’s Work Performance Or The Length Of Time An Employer Requires Your Services and our assistance in finding you employment is a free bonus within our program to get a job offer only.
  • As The Alberta Department Of Transportation Imposes Road Bans preventing Heavy Transport On Alberta Highways Around Mid March to Mid June, Oilfield Recruitment Does Not Typically Occur During This Period, The 30 Days / 3 Month (90 Days) Guarantee Will Be Extended To Compensate For This.


You Complete Your Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. Safety Course Feb15th your 30 consecutive days would not count in March or April; although you would be permitted to start your 30 Days In February but complete them in May. February Is The Only Month Where We Allow An Exception To Our 30 Consecutive Day Rule.


All Of Our Graduates Must Meet The Following To Qualify For The 30 / 90 Guarantee:

  • In Possession Of A Class 5 Or Full G License (Unrestricted)
  • In Possession Of A Clean Drivers Abstract – 6 Demerits Or Less
  • Able To Lift and Carry 80 to 100 lbs.
  • Willing To Work In Cold Harsh Winter Weather
  • Willing To Work In Wet and Hot Summer Weather
  • Willing To Work 12 Plus Hours Per Day
  • Willing To Relocate To Alberta
  • Willing To Work In A Greasy/Oily / Muddy Work Environment
  • Able To Pass A Drug Test
  • Able To Pass A Medical and Hearing Exam
  • Shall Inform Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. Of Your Arrival In Red Deer To Commence The 30 Days Of Consecutive Of Oilfield Job Search In Red Deer
  • Upon arrival in Red Deer You Agree to actively pursue employment by calling on “in person” Oilfield Companies as directed by Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. and submitting your Resume
  • Able To Speak, Read and Write English Fluently
  • Have A Typed Resume and Cover Letter To Provide Employers
  • Are A Canadian Citizen Or Authorized By The Canadian Government To Assume Immediate and UnRestricted Fulltime Employment.

* Note: Any False Information Given To Us Will Result In Our 30/90 Guarantee Being Voided And Any Job Employment Assistance Terminated Immediately.

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