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Why Oilfield Safety Training?

People across Canada share a common problem and that is finding employment. There is no question that the economy is playing a major part in making finding a job extremely difficult. The cause however is irrelevant, and what most people don't realize is that the unemployment statistics only reflect those people qualifying for unemployment benefits. Many folks no longer qualify and have given up trying to find meaningful employment.

Oilfield safety training companies have played an ongoing and historic role in educating workers how to stay safe when working in the oil and gas industry. A new trend is now emerging with oilfield safety training companies offering their safety programs and combining it with guaranteed job offers. This is great news for people who have been unsuccessful in finding a job in their local area.

Do You Need a Little or A Lot of Oilfield Safety Training?

Fact: You can get an entry level oilfield job provided that you have H2 S. alive training and either red cross first aid or St. John's ambulance first aid with CPR.

Oilfield safety training companies are expected to provide a broad spectrum of oilfield safety courses for people working in the oil and gas industry. Oilfield safety companies can charge more money when they provide more courses. Here is the rub, if you can get an entry-level job that pays $60,000 to $100,000 in your first year with only H2 S. Alive and First Aid why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for more training than they require? The answer to this question is fear.

If you need a job badly our culture has been taught that more is better e.g. bigger house, bigger car, meal…..oilfield safety training courses program  Pseudo-logic would suggest that, if I pay more for my oilfield safety training, I'll get a better job or I am more likely to get a job. Additional artilcle on what you need to know click on What To Avoid In oilfield safety training


Do You Need to Spend a Little or A Lot to Find Oilfield Employment?

Fact: if an oilfield company hires you then they will train you in the oilfield safety courses that you need at their cost.

Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. created a training product specifically to get people working quickly and inexpensively. They understand that people who are unemployed have limited financial resources and while they could have provided more safety certification in their program and charge more they did not. Alberta oilfield employment solutions Ltd., offers a two-day high intensity program covering H2 S. Alive and First Aid, and then at no additional charge, they assist their students in finding employment fast.

There's nothing wrong with taking two or three weeks of oilfield safety training if that's what you want, but if it's finding employment quickly and not spending unnecessary time in a classroom than the program that Alberta oilfield employment solutions Ltd. offers is all you need.

There are numerous videos of individuals that have taken the Black Gold Oilfield Safety Training Course that Ken Somer's provides and found employment in Alberta in less than 72 hours upon arriving in Red Deer, Alberta.  Watch this video as Ken Somers shares Tips click on  Oilfield Safety Training 

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Register yourself in one of Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. Black Gold Oilfield Safety Training Courses, get out to Red Deer Alberta and get interviewed for a new career in the Alberta oil and gas industry. Go to the top of this website and look for the province in your area and get registered now.