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Alberta Oilfield Job Drivers Seat

Alberta Is Now In The Drivers Seat Of Canada


We have been telling all our readers about how fast things are moving in the Alberta Oil Patch and I guess for us it seems "Larger Than Life – Real", because we live here and see it every day. For a lot of our visitors, they come to our site and ask themselves  " is this for real or just a bunch of hype – can Alberta really be as good as they say for getting an oilfield job if you have the courses these guys offer?"  the answer is YES! YES! YES! …….

Alberta is not only in an Oil Boom….. it is driving the Canadian economy! Click on an article that was posted in our city's local news paper today  –  Red Deer Advocate .  The author put it in black and white – 4.4 % unemployment.  I talk to people all over Eastern Canada and they are really struggling. Jobs are hard to find and good paying ones are rare.

The guys that are comming out here after taking our course and following our job find strategy are frequently getting jobs within hours of starting their job search. Of course some take longer but Alberta needs trained people and when you have what they are looking for BAM !!! Your Hired.When you do the math, you very quickly see that the money you can make is HUGE – Rig jobs pay $26-29.00 per hour and Time plus One Half is paid after only working 8 hours per day.

Example: Turn Your Weekly Salary Into Your Daily Pay Check :

$29.00 x 8 hours = $232.00

$43.50 x 4 hours = $174.00 (Time plus One Half)

$232.00 + $174.00 = $406.00 per 12 hour day

406 x 26 Days = $10,556.00

Note: You may not start at $29.00 or work 26 days in a month….. but there are many, many people in the Alberta Oilfield, earning significantly more than this amount each and every month.

If you are angry, frustrated and wondering if you could find work out here in the Alberta Oilfield just watch some of the videos of people we have helped. Packing up and leaving your home is hard and yet not being able to support yourself and your family the way you know you could is an even tougher pill to swallow. Ask yourself this….. Why shouldn't you have a career that can give you the best life has to offer – why settle for less if you don't have to.

I love what Ken my partner and Head Instructor for our Black Gold Oilfield Safety course always says. If you keep doing what you have always done, you'll keep getting what you have always got. Einstein summed it up this way …. The definition of Insanity is to keep doing what you have always done and expect a different out-come. Go up to the top of the page and find your Province and then click on it and get registered  for our program in your area.