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Ken Interview 5


Black Gold Program

Placed On Hold Until Fall 2015

As the cost of a barrel of Oil has dropped to the $50.00 level, it has resulted in a significant drop in active Rig count. Of course each March the Oil Industry slows down regardless of the market price of Oil; however, CEO Ken Somers has reviewed the industry news on how long it will take for the price of Oil to rebound. We appreciate your patronage in our program and want to ensure that all those that come through it are able to quickly and easily get an Oilfield Job. We still believe that it is possible to come to Alberta and get a job offer but we also believe it will now take much more commitment to do so,

We are going to put on our future courses on hold until October 2015. As we approach this date we will reassess the market at that time and if Ken believes the Market has returned to a level where we can resume we will schedule new courses…. We have removed two Pages until that time “Course Date & Location and Register 2015″.  The Oil market goes through these cycles one or more times each decade and can result in depressed oil production but though the market goes through these “Corrections” it always returns. Presently the market has a mass surplus of Oil and once it is depleted the price is going to shoot up and a hiring storm will occur.

So keep checking back for a new posted course schedule.

Ken Somers Says

” Get Out Here, Alberta Oil Jobs Exist ! ”

Earn As High As $200.00 to $300.00 A Day 

Oilfield Companies that need workers are paying $18.00 to $24.00 an hour and overtime after 8 hours. Ken covers some of the many job opportunities that currently exist and says yes the Drilling and Service Rigs are not hiring green workers because of the low oil prices but quickly adds that the oil industry has many other types of careers that need workers. Ken said that he just spoke to Oilfield Recruiters this week that said they want us to send them our Grads for consideration

100,000 Workers Needed For Alberta Oil & Gas Industry over Next 10 years

In a 2014 publication it was stated that over 100,000 workers are going to be needed over the next 10 years and Ken states that this has not changed! Mark Scholz, president of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors told a group of Alberta business men at a Red Deer Chamber of Commerce meeting that one of the top 2 greatest challenges that Canada faces in becoming an Energy Super Power is a severe lack of manpower.

Ken states that the Oil Industry is going through a market correction as it has done many times in the past and when it is over the players that are leading will be stronger than ever.





Oil Jobs Are Here,

Plus A Ton Of Construction

Alberta Construction Is Going Crazy…..

Some people may prefer to do construction until the Drilling picks up and they can find all the work they want without looking very hard. Ken drove around for a short time and video taped just a small portion of the construction that is ongoing in the Red Deer Area. The Oil Industry needs Safety workers; as well as, many others which he covers in the next video but Ken wanted to give the guys considering a move to Alberta absolute proof that for those wanting to work, Alberta has an abundance of it.

Oilfield Safety Companies Are Hiring

The Drilling and Service Rigs are expected to resume Drilling in the 3rd quarter (sometime around June or July) but many other parts of the Oil and Gas Industry are still moving strong. If you cannot immediately find an oil job there are tons of construction jobs that can put money in your pocket immediately so that you can afford to remain here until your oilfield job of choice opens up. Ken says that those people that are here are going to get top consideration over those waiting in other parts of Canada for the Drilling activity to resume…. Take a Safety job or any one of the dozens of job types that exist. Alberta needs workers and has tremendous momentum. Building permits are greater this February than it was last year!

Ken Somers – Over Delivers

Ken Smiling



Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. began  offering  Oilfield Safety Training in  January  of 2012 with a simple mission – to help people wanting to start a  career in the Alberta Oil & Gas Industry with an education in Safety and Job Find  Skills.

Ken believes in this industry with all his heart and it has been a part of his life for over 20 years. If you know Ken then you also know that he would give you the shirt off his back because he  believes in helping people. He has gone above and beyond repeatedly since he started his  Black Gold Program serving the  folks that have put their trust in him.

Ken is reaching out to Oilfield companies with the intent to create new relationships and to let them know about our program. Is he having success YES and there are companies that have shown a desire to receive Resumes  & or meet our Black Gold Grads because they need workers. Ken believes that anyone that wants to start a career in the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry can do it today!

Yes there are companies laying people off, but what many people are not aware of or simply don’t get, is that Alberta is the Leader in this industry and even when it is running on only 4 of it’s 8 cylinders Alberta is still the employment Mecca of Canada!

Ken Somers

Ceo Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions.Ltd




All Black Gold Grads Needing A Job Should Contact Ken Immediately!


We Don’t Guarantee Jobs With Our Program …… But in 3 Years We Have Not Had A Single Person Complete Our Job Find Action Plan And Not Get A  Job Offer..….. So What Are You Waiting For !

Alberta Has Jobs For Those That Want Them!

Our Black Gold Job Find Action  Plan

Prepares You For Top Paying

Oil Jobs March


Do You Want A Career In The Alberta Oil & Gas Industry ?

Then Register For Our Black Gold Program.


Pipeline & Safety Companies Are

Actively  Hiring This Spring

Drilling & Service Rig Jobs Expected To Begin

Recruiting Mid – June


“Get Trained & Get Working Now!”

Oilfield Job Music 

Hey Guys Congrats to the 8 people that completed our last Black Gold Program on all getting Oil Job offers.

Here are a couple tunes I came across on YouTube 

The Oilfield Song.wmv

Sunrise on the Water, Copyright JW Cooper, Jr. Three Green Nanners Music….a song about working in the oilpatch. Available on I Tunes.

Read more …

Life in the Oilfield by Jordan Sheppard

Hey guys! This is an original song that I finished last night called “Life in the Oilfield”. I hope that you enjoy my music and look for more of my videos.

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