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Under 4 Hours – Oil Job Offer Process With 2 Companies


Lookman Wanted An Oil Job

and In Under 4 Hours Had 2 Companies

Wanting To Start The Hiring Process


He Never Gave Up … Says, “You Have

To Take A Chance, Get Out Here”

Got 2 Oil Job Offers In Under 4 Hours



Alberta Oil Job Offer

Rafael’s Oil Job Offer Experience

It was windy when Ken Recorded this amazing oil job offer experience but you can tell that Rafael  was very happy (his english skills and being 48 was no barrier in getting an oil job offer). He never even got to go on his tour – an oilfield recruiter met Ken and Rafael in the parking lot. He got an interview and was hired on the spot. This was the shortest time that we have ever had in helping a grad find an oil job offer. This is not normal guys but it says one thing loud and clear. If you want an oilfield career and you have the right training Alberta Oilfield Employment Solutions Ltd. can make finding Oilfield Job Offers much easier. Congrats Rafael!

Oilfield Job Music Waylon Jennings & Earl Scruggs


Waylon Jennings & Earl Scruggs

Sing – Oilmen – Blues

Guys here is another Oilfield song that I wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

Oilfield Jobs and Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash Sings About Oilfield

I was surfing YouTube and found this old video….. Enjoy!