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Oil Jobs – January Class SOLD OUT

Fast StartTaking Registration For February 2015

Ken and I want to wish everyone happy and joyous Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our January course sold out in RECORD TIME and we are excited about 2015. We have been working behind the scenes to create a new Spring program that will help everyone wanting to come to Alberta to begin a new career in the Oil and Gas Industry. We recognize that during the Spring the Drilling and Service Rigs significantly reduce their activity because of the Road Bans that the Alberta Dept. of Transportation places from Mid March to Mid June.

Ken has been traveling around the Central Alberta area letting employers know about our program and how we are helping folks start Oilfield Careers and at the same time asking them if we can help them with their HR needs. We are approaching Oilfield services that use seasonal help (spring), Oilfield Services that hire all year round and finally, companies that although not related directly to Oilfield but would be willing to hire people to work during the spring months.

Our goal for 2015 is to provide an even more powerful program than we have offered. We know that people are struggling in many parts of Canada with unemployment and low wages. Alberta has been said to be the Driving Force in Canada’s economy and so we thought we would take the Alberta Advantage and blend it with our Black Gold Program.

We have always said to the people coming through our program that there are tons of Jobs out here and the first one you get may not be the one you feel is the “Right One”. We tell our recruits to never reject a Job Offer get working Fast and then get fussy. This philosophy has allowed people a way to fund an extended job search so that they had money coming in while they found the job that did feel like a fit. I will be updating you on our efforts so keep TUNED IN. So far we are getting very positive feedback.




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Oil Jobs For 2015 – Oilfield Careers For Those Heading West

“Alberta Oilfield Opportunity 

Here To Stay!”


Oilfield Jobs For 2015

The lowering Oil prices are well received when we pull into the gas pumps and fill our vehicles without emptying our wallets. The question that people need answered when considering a move to Alberta to work in the Oil and Gas industry is ” Are they still hiring?” The answer is “Yes” but not every employer needs workers at the same time and some types of Oilfield activity are busier at certain times of the year. The CAODC (see link below) published their projection for 2015 and although it shows less activity expected for 2015 (10%) it also shows that the Oilfield companies still have much work to do here. The number of holes drilled in 2013 was 339 and they are expecting to drill 338 holes in 2015.

Everyone that took the Black Gold program in 2013 and followed our Job Find Action Plan was able to get a job offer within 30 days or less and some found multiple Job offers in 10 days or less. Watch the video I have included of a fellow that immigrated to Canada from Africa and had a job offer befor dinner on his first day of looking for employment…. This is not typical but it happens frequently for the people completing and following our Black Gold Program.

Video Below From Our 2013 Archives



2015 Drilling Activity – Simply 10% Less

Drilling forecast calls for 10% activity decline in 2015 – Calgary Herald

http://news.google.com Tue, 25 Nov 2014 10:52:03 GMT

Calgary HeraldDrilling forecast calls for 10% activity decline in 2015Calgary HeraldThe Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors is predicting a 10 per cent decline in drilling activity in 2015 due to delays in takeaway pipeline construct …

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A Return To 2013 Driiling Activity…..

Drilling 10% Less in 2015 will be the equivilent of returning to the same amount of well drilling activity that happened in 2013 see the chart that was created by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors C.A.O.D.C.



BP Still Expects Growth despite Challenging Environment – Rigzone (registration)

http://news.google.com Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:55:40 GMT

BP Still Expects Growth despite Challenging EnvironmentRigzone (registration)Oil major BP believes it will see growth from its conventional and deep-water assets, and enjoy an increasing contribution from its gas activities, over the long term in spi …

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Yedlin: Penn West CEO stays positive as stock, oil prices slide – Calgary Herald

http://news.google.com Thu, 04 Dec 2014 13:03:35 GMT

Calgary HeraldYedlin: Penn West CEO stays positive as stock, oil prices slideCalgary Herald“We have taken $200 million out of operating cost structure from the business,” chief executive Dave Roberts told the Herald during a wide-ranging interview. “ …

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Oilfield Job Music 

Hey Guys Congrats to the 8 people that completed our last Black Gold Program on all getting Oil Job offers.

Here are a couple tunes I came across on YouTube 

The Oilfield Song.wmv

Sunrise on the Water, Copyright JW Cooper, Jr. Three Green Nanners Music….a song about working in the oilpatch. Available on I Tunes.

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Life in the Oilfield by Jordan Sheppard

Hey guys! This is an original song that I finished last night called “Life in the Oilfield”. I hope that you enjoy my music and look for more of my videos.

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James Had An Awesome Oilfield Job Offer Experience




Alberta Is Where The Jobs Are … Oil Jobs That PAY HUGE!

Alberta Is Where the Jobs Are

Ken has been telling people all across Canada that Alberta is where the Jobs Are! Here is an article that was just posted on CTV News….

Guys when you are knocking the ball back and forth trying to decide if the risk of coming out west is worthwhile ask yourself this simple question…

Are there jobs where you are that you qualify for that can pay you as much as $100,000.00 your first year on the job? If the answer is yes then great stay where you are. But…… if you said No, then you tell me what you are RISKING….. Seriously you are going to hang on to a JOB that pays just above minimum wage with little hope of it getting better anytime soon or coming to Alberta and begin earning a massive income here in the Alberta Oilfield. Is it riskier to lose a 40,000.00 a year income or lose a $100,000.00 income that comes with promotions each year.

I was never acused of being great at MATH but these numbers don’t seem to challenging to figure out. FACE YOUR FEAR AND GET OUT HERE! Seriously the jobs are here ….. it is in the NEWS every day! Like Michael Jordan Says “DO IT!”

Fraser Institute: West is where the jobs are at – CTV News

http://news.google.com Tue, 18 Nov 2014 17:32:49 GMT

CTV NewsFraser Institute: West is where the jobs are atCTV NewsCALGARY — For young Canadians looking to land a good job, the West is where it’s at, according to a new report released by the Fraser Institute on Tuesday. The right-leaning think-tank s …

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