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Ricky Came To Red Deer Alberta

From British Columbia

“Oil Job Offer In Under 1 Hour!”


Thomas Came To Red Deer Alberta

From New Brunswick

“Oil Job Offer In Under 2 Hours!”


Reuben Already One Job Offer & Got A Second Oil Job Offer On Tour With Ken

Way to go Reuben!!!!!!!   Congrats on your second Oil Job Offer … Sounds like the second one trumped the first Oil Job position WOOOO HOOOO!!!! ……….

Caleb’s Job Offer Experience In Alberta Oilfield


Caleb From London Ontario Came To Alberta For Oilfield Employment

Caleb left his home in Ontario and in his own words said ” I wasn’t worried, Ken tells it the way it is and doesn’t sugar coat it.

Caleb took our Black Gold Oilfield Tour and was not disappointed at the results … 15 minutes into his tour an Oilfield Company said we want you. Of course this does not happen every time our guys go on a tour…. but there is no question that this is a common happening. Caleb moved to Red Deer and as he said he was not worried…. Most people are worried and it is normal…. you are leaving your home and you are leaving in many cases all your friends and family. But I love what Ken always says to the guys…. “If you keep doing what you have always done you are going to keep getting what you got”

Caleb took this step for a new and better life and is now on his way … Congrats Caleb!

Chris’s Oil Job Offer Experience In Alberta Oilfield


Chris Came To Alberta From Atwood Ontario To Start An Oilfield Career

Chris took our Black Gold 4 Hour Industrial Tour (What Happened Does Not Always Occur) and 15 minutes into his tour was offered an Oilfield job. It is so thrilling for Ken and I to see this happen…. When we started offering the tour we immediately began seeing people get job offers before they even had a chance to begin their Job Find Action Plan…… This tour is excellent for people new to Red Deer because they know exactly where to go when they begin applying for work, Of course those that land a job on the tour never complain.


Way to go Chris you are on your way now!

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